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About "You Look Better In PINK"


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This song is dedicated to all the organizations who have adopted the color PINK to enable the different causes that empower and unite women all over the world. The inspiration for this song came from observing my wife, mother, and sister, who are apart of the Mary Kay Corporation, a company dedicated to enriching women’s lives all over the world. They are advocates to eliminating cancer and ending the epidemic of violence against women.

One of the leading causes of death in women today is Breast Cancer. Many families, including mine, have been affected by this fatal disease. According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. It is time to take a stand and join hands with organizations that are designed to promote breast cancer awareness and prevention. As a man, I have learned that PINK is not a color of weakness, but a color of strength, hope, and power. PINK is also the driving force of companies such as Victoria’s Secret, which uses PINK to appeal to the eye of a woman, to the various sororities who uses PINK to promote unity and sisterhood.


This song is to inspire you to wear your PINK proudly and invite the world to join your mission or cause. Let this song be an anthem to let everyone know that they really look “Better In PINK”!

*Numbers according to American Cancer Society data

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